A Student company

What we do?

Studentary is using the power of geo location to revolutionize the way books are bought and sold in Pakistan.

New Book

Get your children’s school books delivered to your door step and avoid trips to and long waits at books stores. Simply select the school and the grade and place your order!

Old Books

Instead of storing your used textbooks at home or throwing them away, simply list them at Studentary and make money as well as help others. Tired of buying expensive new textbooks? Use Studentary to find great used textbooks near you and after you have used them, simply list them at Studentary!

Why we do it?

We at Studentary believe that education should be affordable and accessible for everyone. Every year millions of perfectly fine textbooks are wasted and at the same time the ever increasing prices of new textbooks are becoming a barrier for so many.

Studentary uses technology to ensure that books are not wasted and those who can not afford new textbooks have access to affordable used textbooks.
By encouraging people to reuse textbooks, Studentary intends to reduce the cutting down of trees and to help the planet cope with the challenge of environmental degradation.

How we do it ?

Studentary allows people to buy and sell used textbooks and we also transport books form the buyer to the seller. Studentary take a cut of the transaction for its services. Studentary also allows new school textbooks to be bought online and have them delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

Our Team

Studentary is composed of passionate people driven by their desire to make a difference in countless lives through affordable used textbooks and to protect the environment.


Laraib Ali

Founder and CEO

Laraib is business graduate from University of East Anglia, UK and has prior experience of working with startups. Laraib is passionate about creating a shared economy platform that helps students save money inspired by his real life student experiences.


Abdullah Al Sabah

Co-founder and CMO

Abdullah is a marketing major at Lahore School of Economics and has extensive experience of working in on the ground marketing activations and campaigns.


Aneela Javed

Research Head

Aneela has done M.Phil. in Human Resource Management from Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-AIMS) and has extensive experience in research.


Arslan Iftikhar


Arslan is a Computer science graduate, who is passionate about technology and designs.


Studentary has partnered with several academic institutions. Studentary is an alumni of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship and is currently incubated at Plan9 – the largest tech incubator in Pakistan.